It’s WordPress Plugin Developer Donation Day!

Scott Ellis designated March 1st WordPress Developer Donation Day and has urged us all to donate $5 to the developer(s) of our favorite plugin(s) and then blog or tweet about it with the hashtag #wppdd. There are a lot of plugins I rely on and use in almost every installation. I’m working on getting descriptions… Continue Reading It’s WordPress Plugin Developer Donation Day!

WPtouch, WordPress MobilePack, and WordPress Mobile Edition

Whether or not you’re a smartphone user (and I still have a “dumbphone,” myself), there’s no denying that the Internet is going mobile. One of the great things about WordPress is the fact that you can create a mobile-friendly version of your site instantly by installing one of these plugins. (These are three that I’ve… Continue Reading WPtouch, WordPress MobilePack, and WordPress Mobile Edition

Automatic WordPress Backup

If you search the WordPress plugin repository for “backup”, you’ll get—as of today—195 results. I wrote about two of those plugins, WordPress Database Backup and WordPress Backup by BTE, just about a year ago, and installed them on all 8 of my own WP sites, as well as insisting that my clients use WP-DB-Backup at… Continue Reading Automatic WordPress Backup


There’s a good reason Akismet is bundled with WordPress: without it, we’d all be drowning in comment spam. It’s impressively effective: there’s not much spam that makes it through to the comment moderation queue, and it rarely marks genuine comments as spam. (You should give your spam list a quick once-over before deleting it, though,… Continue Reading Akismet